Today we got a win!

June 2nd, 2020

Hank is a homeless guest who has been coming to Paul’s Place for several months. Prior to the Pandemic, Paul’s Place helped connect Hank to a housing opportunity and a case manager. Intake paperwork and gathering the information required can already take more time than one might expect, but trying to get it completed during a state of emergency is incredibly challenging. Hank has faced additional barriers such as restricted bus routes, cell phone issues, limited wifi access, a lack of funds, and the struggles of the shelter system during a pandemic.

But, today we got a win. Hank made his way to Paul’s Place and worked with Ellen and Travis to connect to wifi. This allowed them to help him put the final pieces of his intake paperwork together and submit it! Paul’s Place supplied Hank with a Charm Card. Even with limited public transportation available, a lack of bus fare is no longer a barrier to his next steps. Hank knows he is on a path to achieving his goals, and Paul’s Place is part of Hank’s journey.

The wins may not always seem momentous, but when it is possible to move forward with one guest, the size of the win does not matter.

All of us at Paul’s Place will continue to secure the wins for our guests during – and after – the pandemic.