Take the Clean Drain Pledge and Vote for Paul’s Place

April 4th, 2017

The Baltimore Clean Drain Campaign is a public awareness campaign to keep Baltimore’s homes and streams free of sewage – and to keep the City’s residents fed. Nine food pantries in Baltimore City – including Paul’s Place – are vying for their share of $6,000 in cash donations, and you can help Paul’s Place win. Take the pledge by April 16.

Here’s how it works: The Baltimore City Department of Public Works Department and its partners in the Baltimore Clean Drain Campaign will reward residents who pledge to properly use their plumbing systems by giving them a chance to direct food and money to the local food pantry of their choice. Residents can help the hungry and take care of their pipes at the same time!

The Clean Drain Campaign is designed to raise the awareness of Baltimore residents about proper disposal practices for cooking fats, oils, grease, and wet wipes. Proper disposal of these items can reduce the clogs that lead to sewage backups in our basement and streets, and pollution in our waterways. 

It’s easy to fulfill the pledge: 1) Let the oil and grease cool down, and put it in a container. When the container is full, put it in the trash. 2) Put your used wet wipes in a diaper pail, instead of flushing them down the toilet. When the pail is full, empty it into the trash. Mission accomplished!

Take the pledge by April 16, and vote for Paul’s Place to help us win a portion of the $6,000 award and a gift card to Mom’s Organic Markets.