Employment Assistance at Paul’s Place

October 5th, 2018

Employment Assistance at Paul’s Place: A Win for Job Seekers and Employers

Sterling (left) and Leigh (right) stand in front of one of Baltimore Recycling Center’s bucket loaders. Sterling learned to drive a fork lift in his first 90 days on the job and hopes to learn to drive a street sweeper and a bucket loader as he continues to grow in his role.

Sterling had been working in a dead-end job for 10 years, a job with no room for advancement or increase in pay – no matter how hard he worked. He was ready for a change but hadn’t been in the job market for a decade and didn’t know where to start. Leigh was looking for a hard worker who wanted to learn on the job and
wasn’t finding the right person. He had given up on the people approaching him for a job and wanted to work with a placement agency that could help screen candidates.

Paul’s Place connected them.

Ellen, our Employment Specialist, helped Sterling identify the skills he wanted to use on the job and the type of work he wanted to do. She helped him update his resume, search for and apply for jobs, and learn to use the computer. Getting to Paul’s Place for his meetings with Ellen wasn’t easy. He was still working full-time and he had to get there by bus, but Sterling was dedicated. He applied his work ethic to the job search and applied to a number of positions that fit his criteria. His perseverance paid off when he was introduced to Leigh, Plant Operations Manager at Baltimore Recycling Center, for an interview.

At the same time Ellen was helping Sterling with his job search, she was in conversation with Tracy, Transfer Station Manager at Baltimore Recycling Center. Ellen gained a thorough understanding of the position and characteristics of good candidates. Sterling seemed like the perfect fit. Leigh agreed and offered him the job after the first interview.

That was four months ago, and both are still happy with the match. Sterling thoroughly enjoys the job and the variety of work. He gets to work outside, helping with everything from picking up trash that falls off the trucks and cutting the grass to washing the machines and directing traffic at the gate. What he really loves about the job though is the opportunity for growth: he has already learned to drive a forklift and will be learning to drive a street sweeper next. He says, “Leigh is one of the best managers I’ve ever had.”

Sterling recently had his 90-day review; he got an excellent score and a $2 raise. Leigh describes him as “a breath of fresh air. He puts in 110% effort every time he is asked to do something, and he is willing to learn.” Even the owner of the company has noticed the pride Sterling takes in his work.
Baltimore Recycling Center is not currently hiring, but Leigh will turn to Paul’s Place the next time there is a job opening. He says, “The process of working with Paul’s Place has been really rewarding as a boss. Sterling fits perfectly. I wish I could hire 10 more of him.”

Last year, 85% of adults enrolled in job coaching – including Sterling – became employed or began a job training or apprenticeship program.You can help individuals like Sterling remove barriers to employment and find hope, resources, and support on their paths to achieving their goals and becoming more self-sufficient. Just $83 per month can provide job search and career development support for one unemployed adult. Donate now!