Health & Wellness Programs

Improving the physical and mental well-being of low-income and homeless adults and children

Emergency Food Pantry

Over 1700 food boxes distributed, feeding 2800 individuals

In partnership with the Baltimore City Department of Social Services and the Maryland Food Bank, Paul’s Place distributes food boxes to individuals and family experiencing food insecurity.  These boxes include 3 days worth of meals for families and are often supplemented by donated food from Paul’s Place.

Hot Lunch

72,000 meals served annually

Paul’s Place serves a hearty, nutritious meal five days a week for anyone in need. Paul’s Place began solely as a soup kitchen, and the number of meals served each year has grown steadily.  Our emphasis on nutrition ensures that our Hot Lunch guests eat at least one balanced meal a day. Our Hot Lunch program opens the doors to other opportunities for our neighbors in need.


160 households, over 1500 loads of laundry

Paul’s Place volunteers will wash up to two loads of laundry per week for a family, in exchange for one hour of volunteer service. The laundry service volunteer washes, dries, and folds the clothing for our guests at no cost.

Market Place

Over 5000 visits annually

The Market Place (formerly the Clothing Bank) at Paul’s Place is open three days a week for community members to shop for gently-used clothing for themselves and their families at no cost. The Market Place has clothing and display racks and a waiting area that give it the look and feel of a department store, which supports our goal of treating all guests with dignity and respect.

Men’s Group

Over 50 participants

Men from the community meet weekly on Monday mornings at 9am to discuss current events, community issues and personal development. The Men’s Group began meeting in October 2006 and is led by our Ambassador Volunteer Coordinator, who listens carefully for needs expressed by the men and helps connect them to resources at Paul’s Place and in the community.

Narcotics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous meetings, organized entirely by community members, are held once a week on Sunday at 5pm.  Members share their successes and challenges in overcoming addiction and living drug-free lives and learn about additional resources at Paul’s Place and in the community.

Nurses’ Clinic

350 visits to the clinic

Nurses from the University of Maryland School of Nursing offer basic health screenings and health counseling for community members. Our goal is to reduce the use of emergency services by using prevention techniques and connecting individuals to a medical home.  Partnerships with the Baltimore City Health Department and Total Health Care allow us to offer HIV and STD testing on-site. Our nurses are triaging patients and providing medical case management, helping individuals navigate insurance and health care systems to support their continued well-being.


Over 1200 showers provided annually

Community members who lack access to hot water, showers, or toiletries can shower five days a week, in the mornings before Hot Lunch and in the afternoons before the after-school programs start. Paul’s Place provides towels, soap, shampoo, razors, shaving cream, toothbrushes, and toothpaste.

Wellness Programs

90 participants

Paul’s Place offers physical education for children and youth in our after-school programs as well as adults accessing our programs.  We offer hip hop dance, aikido, yoga, and gymnastics. We also host painting classes to support emotional well-being.  In 2014, Paul’s Place started offering nutrition classes as well.  Our wellness classes allow us to take a holistic approach to combating health issues among our participants and address the physical, emotional and nutritional components of health.

Women’s Group

27 participants

The Women’s Group meets weekly to share their personal successes and, together, work through difficult problems in their lives to find positive, attainable solutions. The Women go on outings , as well, to broaden horizons, celebrate milestones or help support others through volunteerism. The group meets Tuesdays at 12:45.