Volunteer Spotlight – January

February 19th, 2020

Here at Paul’s Place, we truly value those who volunteer their time. Each month, we recognize our top volunteers who have performed outstanding work in our community. Many volunteers have come to find that volunteering has not only become a rewarding experience, but it has also elevated their career beyond expectations. Putting Paul’s Place volunteers in the spotlight is our way of showing gratitude towards all those who get involved and pursue lifelong learning and assisting others.

Paul Schurick

Mr. Paul was chosen for January because of his leadership skills along with his outstanding motivation to the people in Pigtown. His dedication is endearing as he has been coming and giving his time for over five years. Not only does he volunteer he helps out with admin duties and mentors, as the sandwich guy, and our doorman even sometimes the de-escalator. He welcomes everyone with open arms and a spirit which shines ever so brightly. Let’s never get it confused, this is “a” Paul, not “the Paul” even though most people will always think so!