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Thank You

Thank you for your generosity!

Your support changes lives, and we want you to know how much our guests appreciate all you do for them.

Serena, Larry, Deborah, James, and Linda (pictured left to right) are Ambassador volunteers at Paul’s Place and are grateful for your support. Here are their words of thanks for what you have helped them accomplish:

“You have helped me by giving generously and allowing me to participate in the wonderful programs here at Paul’s Place. I have been volunteering here at Paul’s Place for almost ten years, and I have started 2 businesses with help from Paul’s Place.”
– Serena

“Paul’s Place has helped me overcome adversity in my life. Paul’s Place provided me the resources necessary to achieve my life goals.”
– Larry

“You have helped me to get myself on track and get the things I need to be on the right track.”
– Deborah

“You have helped me to get my life back on track. I’m learning how to work with others in a working environment and make positive decisions.”
– James

“Paul’s Place has helped me through some difficult times in my life. When my income was limited, and I could barely buy food or clothes, Paul’s Place was here for me.”
– Linda