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Give Monthly

When Paul’s Place can count on you, families in Southwest Baltimore can count on us!

“Paul’s Place provided the building blocks to my independence.” – Darlene

Poverty, homelessness, unemployment, inadequate education, addiction, crime, and violenceā€¦children and adults in Southwest Baltimore face these and other adversities every day of their lives. When families are on their own, these burdens can become too heavy to bear, immobilizing, and isolating.

Our loyal monthly donors ensure that families who turn to Paul’s Place are never on their own on their path to a better future.

Your recurring gift will make a meaningful difference for children and adults – giving them hope and the resources they need to become stable and self-reliant and to achieve their full potential.

As a monthly donor, you will enjoy:

  • secure and hassle free monthly donations;
  • automatic payments from your credit card;
  • an annual giving statement by mail (i.e. one receipt for tax purposes);
  • the ability to increase, decrease, or stop your donation at any time; and
  • the knowledge that your donation is being put to work immediately in your local community.

Your ongoing donation will provide a steady, reliable stream of support so that, together, we can help families respond to immediate needs and find long-term solutions.

Here are a few examples of how your donation every month can change lives:

  • Showers, laundry, and free clothing for one adult experiencing homelessness ($11/month)
  • Emergency assistance to prevent food insecurity, utility shut-offs, eviction, or other one-time expenses for one family in financial crisis ($21/month)
  • Health screenings and medical case management for one adult with a chronic health condition ($42/month)
  • Job search and career development support for one unemployed adult ($83/month)
  • After-school academic support and mentoring for one elementary student reading below grade level ($113/month)
Thank you for your commitment to changing the lives of children
and adults in Southwest Baltimore!

 Your monthly giving is voluntary, and you can increase, decrease, or stop your monthly giving at any time by contacting Eva Wingren at 410-625-0775 x122 or