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Last year, 5,000 volunteers gave more than 69,000 hours! And we could not have done it without them.

Single person volunteers

Are you an individual interested in volunteering?
1-3 Hour Commitment
Per Volunteer Opportunity
  • Assist guests with shopping
  • Serve a meal
  • Organize and sort clothing
  • Help with career preparedness
  • Sort donations and organize Marketplace
  • Mentor a young student

Groups of more than 3 people

Are you a school, religious or corporate group?
3 Hour Commitment
Per Volunteer Opportunity
  • Help us with our hot lunch program
  • Assist guests with shopping
  • Organize and sort clothing
  • Accept or distribute tickets
  • Sort donations and organize Marketplace
  • Assist with holiday programs and collections

Paul's Place relies on volunteers to offer a wide variety of high-quality programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to be a volunteer at Paul's Place? Kindness and respect.

Volunteers contribute greatly to the daily and long-term operations of Paul’s Place. Paul’s Place thoroughly appreciates and values the time and resources volunteers donate. To ensure an enjoyable and productive experience, Paul’s Place suggests all volunteers adhere to a few guidelines. Please always remember to:

  • Show dignity and respect to all of our guests.

  • Be cognizant of cultural differences (and look for similarities).

  • Do not judge, make assumptions or generalizations (You never know the stories of our guests).

  • Ask questions if you are confused, unknowledgeable or curious about any situations or behaviors you encounter.

Please BRING a Volunteer Waiver (if it’s your first time, or complete one on the Volunteer Hub when you register). Bring a smile, as well as a friendly and open attitude!

You should NOT bring or use your cell phone. We need everyone (guests and volunteers) to be fully present, so we are a cell-phone free zone!

If you need it for emergencies, you can keep it and use it discreetly. Otherwise, please lock it in the closet or turn it off in your pocket.

In our neighborhood, there is on-street parking. Our recommendation is to not park on Ward St. There is almost always space on Cross or Ostend, or the 1200 block of Ward. If it’s an O’s day game, watch the “Events” signs for direction.

Close-toed shoes are preferred (especially in the dining room and they are required for the kitchen for safety and health reasons). Casual clothes are recommended. Please avoid short shorts, or clothes that show your stomach or undergarments. Short- or long sleeves are preferred for food service (rather than sleeveless).

This is, understandably, the question we get asked the most! The short answer is, YES, our volunteers are safe and we do all we can to ensure that! The longer answer is that we are in an inner city neighborhood where drugs and crime are prevalent (thus the need for our services).

Here are some things to consider as you come to Ward Street:

  1. Do NOT leave valuables visible in your car. That is an open invitation to passersby!

  2. Do not use your phone or headphones as you are walking down the street. Be aware of your surroundings.

  3. If our neighbors greet you, please greet them back! We treat all with dignity and respect and that can start from the minute you are on our street.

  4. If someone approaches you for money, kindly turn them down and invite them to come into Paul’s Place to ask for help. We have LOTS of programs to help them!

  5. If you see something questionable happen on the street, tell the staff when you come in and we’ll be glad to address it.

  6. If you EVER feel unsafe or uncomfortable FOR ANY REASON tell a staff person. We do not want any of our volunteers to be uncomfortable! We will NEVER judge you for feeling uncomfortable!

We are happy to meet you at your car and walk you to the building if that will make you more comfortable! Call us!

Absolutely! All in-season, gently used donations are acceptable year round. You can drop them in a yellow bin as you enter and get a receipt at the front desk. Thank you!

It’s only because of volunteers that we can serve up to 300 people a day at Paul’s Place.

Thank you to those who dedicate countless hours to ensuring the programs and services run smoothly at Paul's Place - not just this month but every month.

Review volunteer opportunities and schedule your spot.
We use VolunteerHub to schedule all of our volunteers. If you're an individual looking for a time and day to volunteer, you can review our calendar of opportunities online and schedule a time to volunteer that's convenient for you.
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Groups of volunteers can review the group calendar.
If the date on the calendar shows "Available - Lunch & Marketplace" this date is free to reserve. All volunteer groups are required to register online via Volunteer Hub.
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We have a helpful Volunteer Handbook you can review in advance of your visit.
The Volunteer Handbook answers FAQs, lists all of our volunteer opportunities and offers expectations for visitors.
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"From the moment I saw Dolly's face and read her story, I was hooked into supporting Paul's Place, Inc. Dolly is one of their success stories and continues to be an ambassador for them. Paul's Place, Inc. started out as a soup kitchen but has ended up being much more to the Pigtown community of Baltimore. They provide social services, afterschool programs, community events, laundry facilities, etc. It is a place for those in the communtiy to visit and feel safe. This is necessary as Pigtown is one of the most impoverished neighborhoods in Baltimore. Most importantly Paul's Place, Inc. provides their guests with respect and encouragement."