Enrich the Education of 125 Elementary Students!

April 8th, 2019
Kaden, a boy in fourth grade, completes his math homework.

Kaden completes his math homework at After-3 with his teachers there to help when he needs it.

Last fall, thanks to our generous donors, 100 children enrolled in After-3, our after-school program for elementary students now offered at George Washington Elementary School. (We enrolled another 25 students this spring – for a total of 125 kids in After-3 this school year.) That is nearly four times the number of kids benefiting from academic support, mentoring, and enrichment! 

The three extra hours of academics and enrichment with their teachers are making a real difference for our students: our students are outperforming their peers in attendance, behavior, and reading skills. But there is more work to do…even for our students, only half (or fewer) are reading on grade level.

Kaden – a fourth grader enrolled in After-3 for the first time this year – is just one of the students who will benefit from your generous gift to enrich the education of elementary students in After-3. 

Children who participate in enrichment activities thrive. They show increased motivation to learn, improved self-confidence, increased persistence and resilience, and enhanced interpersonal skills. Kaden and his classmates especially enjoy robotics, 3D printing, sports, and hands-on science experiments.

Kaden cannot stop talking about robotics, electronics, and the hands-on science experiments he does with FullBlast STEAM at After-3. “My favorite thing is to have enrichment because that’s fun,” he shared and excitedly named some of his favorite activities: robotics, strategy games, nutrition, volleyball, and baseball.

Kaden also likes the extra time he gets with his classmates and teachers after school. He has made some new friends in After-3. He can get help with his math homework when he needs it. And, he has more time to read the fiction books he likes in the school library. He proudly shared that he has already finished the 100 Book Challenge – a reading challenge designed to accelerate students’ reading capacity and ability.

Kaden gives After-3 a thumbs up: “It is a good program. It helps you learn more.”

His mom, Kynda, couldn’t agree more! “The best things about him being in the program are that he has somewhere safe to be after school and that he gets to do hands-on activities. He really loves the robotics. I’m glad because he’s not all that enthused about some of his regular classes, but he’s enthused about those kinds of things.”

Kynda can’t thank caring people like you enough for the opportunity Kaden has in After-3 to interact with kids outside of class, try new sports, get help with his homework from teachers, and participate in enrichment activities that get him excited about learning. In just six months, she has noticed a difference; he is becoming more social and more engaged in school.

Kaden is one of more than 100 students benefiting from academic support, mentoring, and enrichment after-school…all at no cost to their families. We count on the generosity of donors who want to invest in the next generation as much as we do to offer this high-quality after-school program that helps kids thrive. Can we count on you?

Right now, you can help Kaden and his classmates get the academic support, mentoring, and enrichment they need to fulfill their potential. Here are a few examples of what your support can mean for our students:

  • $1,200 (or $100 per month) can support the time a teacher spends with one student to provide academic instruction
  • $500 can offer one week of enrichment activities – such as hands-on science experiments, theater, sports, and creative writing – for 125 students
  • $250 can engage parents in their kids’ educations through one family event
  • $100 can provide healthy snacks for one week so students are ready to learn
  • $50 can provide books and school supplies for students to take home

Thank you! Your gift will help students like Kaden thrive in school and support all our other essential programs for people in our Southwest Baltimore communities.