Man holding bag of groceries for Thanksgiving dinner

Hundreds of families will enjoy home cooked turkey dinners this holiday season.

Give the Gift of Hope This Holiday Season!

The holiday season brings families together, and with your support, hundreds of families in Southwest Baltimore will enjoy a home-cooked turkey dinner this holiday season…a meal they could never afford on their own.

Last Thanksgiving, Leroy, his wife Angela, and their four kids gathered around the kitchen table – all together for the first time since addiction divided their family 7 years ago. “It was a wonderful time because all of my kids and us was a family and eating together at the table. It made me feel wonderful to have my kids there one time to eat and just be normal.” – Leroy

Right now, you can provide a traditional turkey dinner, gifts for the holidays, and access to life-changing services year-round for 250+ families. Your gift today will bring joy to the holiday season and spark lasting hope.

Thank you! Your gift will help a family like Leroy’s come together for the holidays and support all our other essential programs for people in our Southwest Baltimore communities.