Dedicated to helping – working through barriers

June 2nd, 2020

Jonathan is a familiar face at Paul’s Place. A regular at lunch, he enjoys greeting guests and volunteers and can often be found helping with morning set up of the dining room. Jonathan is unable to work and has limited mobility, but is always ready with a smile and a hello.

With so many services temporarily closed and his routine upended, Jonathan was particularly worried about his health. He needed two medications refilled and replacement diabetic equipment.

Jonathan reached out to Travis.

Travis helped Jonathan think through his options and the steps he could take to secure his medications. With some assistance from Travis, Jonathan was able to connect with his doctor’s office and his prescriptions were sent to the pharmacy. While many of us can still get to the pharmacy during the pandemic, Jonathan was worried about how he would secure his medication. His access to transportation has been severely limited due to COVID-19.

He again turned to Travis who encouraged Jonathan to call his pharmacy to explore options. The pharmacy is now delivering Jonathan’s medicine and equipment to him. 

Routines, once established, can feel impossible to change. The work we do at Paul’s Place makes change possible by helping to remove barriers. When the barrier of a pandemic is added to the barriers of access to healthcare and transportation, it can feel overwhelming. Jonathan knew where he could turn to for assistance — Paul’s Place.