Dedicated to Helping – When health is a barrier, but hope wins the day

June 2nd, 2020

Before the pandemic, Linda was gearing up to go back to work after a hiatus due to her health. Then the virus necessitated shut downs. She had been planning to start physical therapy to improve her overall health and mobility, knowing that would put her in the best possible position to secure a job.

Linda is a regular visitor to Paul’s Place. She could be found in our computer lab reviewing listings and receiving help with her resume and online applications. Even with the stay at home order, Linda remained motivated and decided to spend the time she has during the pandemic on self-improvement with the goal of being ready for work when the stay at home order is lifted.

To stay on course, Linda reached out to the place she knows and trusts — Paul’s Place. And she started working with Travis.

Running into barriers with healthcare is frustrating and even more difficult at this time. Travis started by talking with Linda about accessing healthcare. Accepting her insurance and convenient transportation were her priorities. With the increased availability of telemedicine at this time, Travis and Linda agreed that the best and most sensible option would be virtual appointments.

Travis is helping Linda find and connect to a provider to meets her needs and staying in touch to ensure she holds onto the hope she has for improved health and future work.

Barriers may increase during a crisis, but so does the determination of the staff at Paul’s Place. We hope that the determination of our case management team inspires you to support their work and to increase the hope Linda and so many of our guests feel because they have a place – and people – to turn to.