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Our 8-week culinary training program teaches the skills needed to thrive and build a career in the food service industry. We use industry-recognized credentials, nationally recognized culinary curricula, hands-on culinary training, and workforce readiness instruction to equip our students to start a career in the industry.

We train students on:

  • Food Safety (Food Handler and Servsafe Manager)
  • Knife Skills 
  • Moist Heat/Dry Heat applications
  • Stocks, Soups, Sauces
  • Following Recipes
  • Plating
  • Kitchen Math
  • Equipment Knowledge
  • Time Management
  • Professional Skills 
  • Customer Service

Our Workforce Development Manager cultivates relationships with employers to understand their ongoing staffing needs and match graduates with jobs in a mutually beneficial partnership. To learn more, contact our Workforce Development Manager using the form below or at kdifatta@paulsplaceoutreach.org or 443-873-7832.