Groundwork kitchen

Carry out, catering, and dine-in services have been suspended as of August 22, 2023. 

But . . .

The Paul’s Place Culinary Training Program at Groundwork Kitchen continues.

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Why Culinary Training in Pigtown? 

Pigtown is the home to Paul’s Place, an outreach center that has, for over 4 decades, provided individuals and families access to health care, education, housing, employment, and healthy meals.

Access and opportunity are keys to fulfilling the hopes and aspirations of a community.  So, Paul’s Place built Groundwork Kitchen, a beautiful building on Washington Blvd that now houses the culinary training program.  The program is  based on a national, evidence-based social enterprise model 

The culinary training program is an integral part of our work to improve the lives or our guests, our students, their families, their neighborhood, their community, and our city.