Meet the people of Paul's Place.

With a staff of 17 and 100s of volunteers, Paul’s Place remains a constant resource for low-income families in Southwest Baltimore. Once home to a thriving middle class, Pigtown residents now have a median annual income of about $22,000, and 70% of the neighborhood’s families with children live in poverty. The leadership, staff, and volunteers of Paul’s Place are dedicated to meeting the needs of individuals and families in Southwest Baltimore and to supporting paths to stability.

Board of Directors


Leadership Team



When Paul’s Place can count on you, families in Southwest Baltimore can count on us!

Poverty, homelessness, unemployment, inadequate education, addiction, crime, and violence…children and adults in Southwest Baltimore face these and other adversities every day of their lives. When families are on their own, these burdens can become too heavy to bear, immobilizing, and isolating. 

The growth of Paul’s Place has taken the organization from offering basic needs services to offering programs that help guests move toward self-sufficiency and has increased the number of people we serve from 1,500 guests each year to 3,500.

With decades of nonprofit experience, our team is prepared to help our neighbors achieve their goals, gain self-sufficiency and beyond.

Our Volunteers

Paul’s Place relies on volunteers to offer a wide variety of high-quality programs. Volunteers assist with many of our programs and provide essential support for our fundraising initiatives and supply casseroles.

Leadership Team

The Paul's Place leadership team provides strategic guidance to help the organization reach its goals, working with partners, action teams, and special initiatives to ensure that the work is responsive to community priorities.

Our Partnerships

Paul’s Place has developed strong, authentic partnerships with dozens of nonprofit organizations, businesses, schools, faith-based organizations and government agencies to strengthen our ability to serve our guests.

Nekeisia Booyer

vice president of programs for the Maryland Food Bank

“Paul’s Place is an incredible organization to our partner network and the community they serve in Baltimore…They really get it, that it’s more than just handing out food. Their health and wellness programs, workforce development and other support services really try to address some of the root causes of hunger, the issues that bring individuals to Paul’s Place.”

Rev. Tom M. Murphy

St. Thomas Episcopal Church

“For the last thirteen years, St Thomas parishioners and youth have provided a camp experience at our parish for approximately forty grade school students of the Paul’s Place community. The camp includes activities and field trips, while offering students the opportunity to be outdoors in a rural setting that might otherwise not be possible. The multi-day camp is a tradition for both St. Thomas families and the children that attend, and would not be possible without the nearly 800 volunteer hours of our youth counselors and parish volunteers. Last year, the gifts of St. Thomas parishioners provided $4,600 in support of this ministry.”

Dr. Jane M. Kirschling

Former Dean, University of Maryland School of Nursing (UMSON) Dean

“The School of Nursing has a long history with Paul’s Place in terms of working with the residents of West Baltimore and trying to provide them with health care and with support as they navigate their daily lives…We’re very grateful to Paul’s Place to be able to be there and, more importantly, we are very grateful to President Perman for his vision to utilize the staff and faculty and students at University of Maryland, Baltimore to make West Baltimore a better place to live, a better place to work, and a better place to engage in the community.”


Ready to make change in South Baltimore? Let's get there, together.

Paul’s Place provides twenty different programs for the community through their dedicated staff of case workers, outreach workers and volunteers. Let’s make Baltimore better, together.