A Hot Meal and So Much More

June 7th, 2019

Marie comes to lunch nearly every day.

Marie has lived in the Pigtown neighborhood her whole life. She raised a family and now spends her days taking care of her grandkids and her mother. When she is not at home, she is running errands for her family and making sure everyone has what they need.

Many days, the Paul’s Place lunch is a stop on her travels. She loves how kind everyone is at Paul’s Place and how they treat everyone respectfully. She has taken advantage of other services including the marketplace and assistance with vital documents, but the hot lunch keeps her coming back.

With so many people to care for, Marie doesn’t always have time to prepare a meal. On those days she is grateful for the Paul’s Place hot lunch. She credits the cook for providing a tasty and nutritious meal. When her grandkids are out of school, they sometimes enjoy the hot lunch together. One grandson regularly asks to come to Paul’s Place for lunch!

Lunch at Paul’s Place is a dining experience with volunteers to refill water glasses, wipe down tables, and bus trays for guests who finish their meal. We offer all of our guests dignity and respect as soon as they walk through our door, and we hope that this coupled with a hot meal, helps them face the day with more optimism. For Marie, she is grateful for Paul’s Place and the help they provide so many people like her.