Our Staff

Health & Wellness Programs

Nicole Davis, Director of Youth Programs ndavis@paulsplaceoutreach.org 
Kelly Doran*, Director of Health and Wellness kdoran@paulsplaceoutreach.org
Raheem Ajayi, Kitchen Manager rajayi@paulsplaceoutreach.org
Tamie Flax, Day Program Coordinator tflax@paulsplaceoutreach.org

*Employed by University of Maryland, School of Nursing to work on-site at Paul’s Place

Case Management Services

Chevonne Francois, Ambassador and Volunteer Program Coordinator cfrancois@paulsplaceoutreach.org
Kathy Gee, Case Manager kgee@paulsplaceoutreach.org
Ellen Levy, Case Manager elevy@paulsplaceoutreach.org
Travis Ridgway, Case Manager tridgway@paulsplaceoutreach.org

Development & Communications

Gina Clark, Assistant Director of Development gclark@paulsplaceoutreach.org
Jack Elsnes, Development Coordinator jelsnes@paulsplaceoutreach.org
Demicca Ross, Development Associate dross@paulsplaceoutreach.org
Jenn Walen, Development and Communications Manager jwalen@paulsplaceoutreach.org


William J. McLennan, Executive Director bmclennan@paulsplaceoutreach.org
Terry Manning, Deputy Director tmanning@paulsplaceoutreach.org